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Week 10: China in Revolution

1. Current Events
2. Discussion on the New Culture Movement (Yi’s presentation/notes)

Tuesday & Wednesday:
Tuesday Tunes:  For Tuesday tunes this week we will listen to the National Anthem of The Republic of China. The text was written by several Kuomintang members and debuted on July 16, 1924 as the opening of a speech by Sun Yat-sen. After the success of the Northern Expedition, it became the Kuomingtang party anthem and the music was added by Ch’eng Mao-yun, who won a contest to compose the piece. It became the national anthem in 1943 and continues to be the national anthem of Taiwan.



China in Revolution. We’ll be finishing a documentary that traces the rise, unification between, and divergence of the Nationalist and Communist parties in China. We’ll be using the DVD of the film but it is available in segments on youtube here. Be thinking about these questions as you watch: b. How and why do the Communists rise to power rather than the Nationalists?
c. How do world events interfere with the Chinese civil war?


Field trip to UW Madison Bridge Symposium including a trip to the design gallery.

1. Debrief field trip.
2. Equality in Republican China-a look at gender relations during the civil war.