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Week 2: Geography and Demography of China

Monday 9/9:

1. How China sees the World article discussion. For students who are absent, you’ll need to complete a 1 1/2 page discussion paper on the discussion questions from the reading. See IC for details.
2. Introduce excerpt from Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond: “How China Became Chinese.”

HOMEWORK: Read/text-mark-up for Diamond reading. Due Friday, 9/13.

Tuesday 9/10

1. Introduce map assignment.
2. Geographical changes in China over time. (lecture notes/maps) China’s changing borders: How have China’s boundaries changed over time? AND China’s borders during 4 periods
3. Boundary disputes with Japan. Read article in class.

HOMEWORK: Diamond reading. Due 9/13. Map assignment, due Monday, 9/16.

Wednesday 9/11

1. Demography lecture (population pyramids)
2. Dynastic maps. How has China changed over time?

HOMEWORK: Work on Infographics (due Monday 9/16)

Thursday 9/12

Data collection for Infographics in LMC. Meet in LMC. Sources to use:

  1. Nation Master
  2. World Bank Data by region
  3. National Bureau of Statistics of China
  4. International Programs, US Census
  5. Population Pyramids
  6. The World Factbook by the CIA
  7. International Statistical Agencies
  8. World Mapper

HOMEWORK: Complete Infographics for Monday! We’ll talk more about them in class tomorrow.

Friday 9/13

1. Current Events (Petra, Jake R., Steven-3/Sean, Izzie, Kala-4)
2. Discuss “How China became Chinese” by Jared Diamond.
3. Play a couple rounds of Chinese jump rope.