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Week 17: Chinese Culture: A Focus on Food


1. Read and discuss Food in Chinese Culture by K.C. Chang.
2. Watch:  Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure-Beijing; or Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure-Guangzhou (Canton) and Taiwan and a sample of what your food project video/still photos should look like China Cooks.

If you are interested in other Chinese cooking series, see:

1. Plan with partners for food preparations

Work on final project introduction


1. Food presentations will be done both days. Be ready to present your food and your background/presentation for the dish. Here are the directions for the project. Here are three sample projects:

  1. Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  2. Pork with Scallions
  3. Wontons

2. Be sure your presentation is shared with the class via a comment to this post. In your Google Doc, choose the setting that says “Share with anyone who has the Link.”