Monthly Archives: December 2013

Week 16: Deng Xiaoping into the Future

Monday 12/16

1. ISS Speaker from UW

2.  Current Events- 3rd: Kelsey and Tad 4th: Sam and Lino

1. Tiananmen Square reading for Thursday 

Tuesday 12/17

1.Continue watching “The Tank Man”

1. Tiananmen Square reading for 12/16
2. Start preparing for Final Discussion 12/16

Wednesday 12/18

1. Current Events- 3rd: Kyle K. and Michael 4th: Kyle K. and Jonathan

2. ISS Student Speakers from UW

1. Tiananmen Square reading
2. Prepare for FINAL DISCUSSION!

Thursday 12/19


Friday 12/20

1. Current Events- 3rd: Hank and Matt 4th: Aidan and Tiger

2. ISS Speaker from UW


Week 15: Deng Xiaoping- Economics and Foreign Relations

Monday 12/9: 

1. Scored Discussion on: “Black Cat, White Cat”

Tuesday 12/10: 

1. Current Events- 3rd: Celia and Reid 4th: Chris A. and Anahi

2. Economic and Political Systems Sort

  • What are the basics of some economic and political systems?
  • Which systems will be most beneficial to China?
  •  Can you mix various economic and government systems?

Wednesday 12/11:

1. Deng and his vision:

  • Deng’s Speeches
    • Group work analyzing speeches in regards to either: economics or foreign relations

1. Prepare for short presentation on speeches
2. Start Tiananmen Square reading due Monday 12/16. 

Thursday 12/12: 

1.Groups present on speech analysis

2. Start Tank Man

1. Continue work on Tiananmen Square reading due Monday 12/16.

Friday 12/13: 

1. Current Events- 3rd: Anthony, Eleanor, and Vinoth 4th: Chris G. and Jesse

2. Continue Tank Man