Week 11: Mao’s PRC


1. Interview with woman with bound feet.

2. Discussion on Wild Swans. 

3. Listen to interview with the author of Wild Swans.


1. Painful Reminders of China’s Footbinding Survivors (npr.org)

2. Lecture on the Confucian traditions involving women.

3. Tuesday Tunes. “The East is Red” is the song for Tuesday Tunes this week. The melody is from an old North China folk song and the lyrics were attributed to a farmer, Li Youyuan. It was the de facto National Anthem during the Cultural Revolution and was played over PA systems in every town and village at dawn and dusk. Students were required to sing the song in unison at the beginning of every school day. The official anthem, “The March of the Volunteers” was forbidden during the Cultural Revolution because its author, Tian Han, was imprisoned.

After Mao’s death and the rise of Deng Xiaoping, the song was rarely heard and is still seen as a embarrassing reminder of Mao’s cult of personality and of the Cultural Revolution.
The translated lyrics:
The east is red, the sun rises.
From China arises Mao Zedong.
He strives for the people’s happiness,
Hurrah, he is the people’s great savior!
(Repeat last two lines)Chairman Mao loves the people.
He is our guide
to building a new China
Hurrah, lead us forward!
(Repeat last two lines)The Communist Party is like the sun,
Wherever it shines, it is bright.
Wherever the Communist Party is,
Hurrah, there the people are liberated!
(Repeat last two lines)
1. Read Mao and Me.
2. Significant aspects of Mao’s reign. Review the timeline from the slides.
3. French & Chinese documentary on the Famine within the Great Leap Forward.
Begin The Mao Years from China in Revolution
2. Creating Mao’s propaganda posters.
No School

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