Week 5 Dynastic & Early History


1. Guidance Presentation (10 minutes)

2. Current Events from last Friday.

3. What are the basics of each of the major Chinese dynasties? Watch Crash Course: Dynasties.

HomeworkText mark-up on The Singularity of China due Monday, 10/7. Discussion based on the reading for Monday.


1. What is the Mandate of HeavenWhat is the Dynastic Cycle?

2. Create dynasty work groups. Look through textbooks to gather background information.

How do China’s dynastic periods compared to the events you learned last year in Western Civ? You and your partner(s) will be researching one of the major Chinese dynasties, and its corresponding time period in Western Civ. You’ll be identifying, among other things, a connection you can make to your dynasty and today. Each pair will be responsible for one part of the two-tiered class timeline.

Wednesday & Thursday (meet in LMC)

  1. Nation’s Online (really basic on most of the dynasties)
  2. Wikipedia’s entry on dynasties
  3. Columbia University’s Asia for Educators timeline and Primary Source listing
  4. Minneapolis Institute of Arts annotated timeline
  5. USHistory.org (be sure to check out the drop-down menu for each of the dynasties…)
  6. University of Washington timeline
  7. Travel China (a visually attractive, but detail-limited, timeline)

Information should be gathered, compiled, and organized during class these two days. As well, you should begin to narrow down and identify the best way to display the most important information onto the class timeline.

Here is the timeline template to use for organizing your data.

HomeworkText mark-up on The Singularity of China due Monday. Discussion based on the reading for Monday 10/7.

In case you have an extra moment..have a listen!

This week for Tunes, we’re going to listen to Jiangnan Sizhu, which  translates to “silk and bamboo music”. The name is due to its instrumentation consisting of stringed instruments (the strings were traditionally silk) and bamboo flutes. Traditional Chinese instruments are classified into 8 sound systems by the material from which the instruments are fashioned. This classification system is called Bayin. The 8 categories are: Stone(chimes), Earth(clay ocarinas), Skin(drums), Wood(clappers), Bamboo(flutes), Silk(strings), Metal(bells), and Gourd(hollowed out to create a mouth organ similar to a harmonica).
Jiangnan Sizhu is the tea house music of Southern China, specifically the Shanghai area. It was traditionally played by professional musicians at weddings and local operas but from the 20th century on, it was primarily played by amateurs, much like Irish Folk music at pubs.


1.  Finishing touches on the timeline and gallery walk.

2. Current Events


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