Week 1: Introduction to China

Wednesday 9/4: (37 minutes)

Discussion Question (DQ): What images are projected by China to the world?

1. History is about using the past to better understand today. Let’s look at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies to see the images and themes projected:

Opening Ceremonies in Beijing (2008) from NBC News. We’ll watch until about 6:12.

2. Get to know YOU! 

3. Nim (if time)

Thursday 9/5: (45 minutes)

DQ: What are your perceptions of China? Are these perceptions accurate?

1. Discuss connections to China/student information sheets

2. Walk through syllabus, administrative tasks, contact information, blog, etc.

3. What do you know about China and how do you know it?

4. Preview TIME article How China Sees the World


Read “How China Sees the World” (Time Magazine) for Monday 9/9.

Friday 9/6:

DQ: How has China changed over time geographically? Culturally?

1. Share initial thoughts on TIME article, How China Sees the World

  • Remember you don’t need to understand every aspect of this article! Generate questions/thoughts you have!

2. Ms. Doherty’s example current events presentation

3. Geography Lecture (begin)

  1. Writing Basic Chinese Characters | Understanding basic Chinese characters
  2. Maps of China: Varying units of analysis:
    • Physical Map Outline (Physical features: What are they? How might they impact living? What geographic questions can we ask about China?
  3. China’s Changing Borders: How have China’s borders changed over time?

Extra Resources:


Complete TIME article, How China Sees the World and its text mark-up for Monday!


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